The key to a successful advertising campaign lies in the ability to capture the attention of your audience and create something memorable. As one of the leading creative agencies of California’s Santa Clara and Monterey counties, Schipper Design has dedicated more than 15 years to growing and enriching the Central Coast business community by designing captivating, charismatic brands that truly allow our clients to stand out. Our goal is to give every ad design—and every brand—that certain “something something” that catches your eye and commands your attention.

You can see it in the work we do: from magazine ads to banner ads and from outdoor to direct mail, our creative advertising team works to turn business vision into brand awareness and market leadership.

Leading Ad Design from the South Bay to Monterey

Schipper Design is an established agency of 16 employees, located between Salinas and Gilroy serving businesses along California’s South Bay, Santa Clara Valley, San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties.

We work closely with your team in a collaborative process that considers your key customer demographics, brand values, and overall marketing strategy. Our comprehensive, full-service advertising competencies include:

Your Advertising Agency

Our local community leadership and deep expertise in California’s tech, agriculture, specialty food, and service industries means we’re not just any ad agency, we’re your ad agency.

“Schipper has been an amazing partner. Like an extension of my own team, they have done an amazing job thinking critically and building a robust brand identity and generally serving as a creative extension of my own brain.” –Sara Naab, Sandstone Diagnostics, Pleasanton (East Bay, California)

We look forward to bringing your next campaign to life!