Branding Illustration

The best brands stand for something—a big idea, a strategic position, a defined set of values, a voice that stands apart. We help invent, or reinvent, your brand, developing your unique style and identity into a visual and verbal identity system that will last your organization for years to come.



Brand Narritive







Brand Strategy Roadmap

Strategy & Positioning

A thoughtful brand strategy is key to presenting your unique value proposition to your customers. We facilitate workshops to rally your stakeholders around a clear, shared vision for your brand, including differentiators, core purpose, audiences, competitors and goals. We test scenarios against your customers’ perceptions, needs and the whitespace in your market. Together we reveal your brand’s mind and articulate it into a Brand Roadmap that informs and guides naming, design, voice, marketing strategies and more.

Naming Exploration

Naming & Taglines

Inventing names and taglines is a mixture of knack and luck. We start by evaluating your brand strategy, personality and positioning, reviewing the competitive landscape and understanding your target audiences. We brainstorm far and wide, presenting functional, inventive, experiential and evocative names. We do preliminary vetting with the US Patent & Trademark Office, domain availability and social media handles. Then it’s off to legal land, where you work with trademark attorneys to apply for and secure your ™ or ®.

Turn/River Brand Personality Chart

Brand Narrative

Your brand story is more than a tagline or logo. It is the heart and soul of your company. A well-crafted narrative uniquely positions your brand, forging emotional connections, and thereby trust and loyalty, with customers. Beginning with our brand immersion workshop, we guide your stakeholders through establishing your mission, vision, value proposition, key messages, guiding principles and more. The result is a clear brand narrative that represents the essence of your brand and drives your marketing efforts.

Before and After Logos for Corvia

Brand Renovations

All brands get stale over time. Even the most recognizable and established brands get a facelift now and then. We will carefully evaluate and leverage your existing brand equity amongst a changing market of competitors and work with your stakeholders to adapt and solidify a refreshed vision and strategy. From there, we work together to give your brand a makeover. Whether you need a full overhaul or just a little touching up, you’ll take your freshened-up identity to market with confidence and stand out from the crowd.

Enlil Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

If your brand feels disjointed, you need brand guidelines. Clearly communicated brand guidelines pull together all of your brand's visual and verbal elements to create an identity beyond your product or service. Consistently executed branding drives brand recognition and boosts customer loyalty, and who doesn’t want that? As a bonus, brand guidelines ensure your brand elements are effectively and professionally used and your marketing efforts are more efficient.  We offer interactive PDF versions and online digital brand guidelines.

Designer Report

Brand Management

For larger, established organizations, having a partner who understands your brand inside and out is critical. The Waltz team is prepared to execute and expand your brand to print, digital, web, social or any other application needed. We can develop consistency and design systems that provide guidance and frameworks to help your team easily and effectively create marketing materials. Low on bandwidth? We are also happy to work as an extension of your team, with your existing brand guidelines, whether on a long-term basis or project to project.