Allison Arno

Creative Director

“Successful design requires thoughtfulness, vision and foresight. It involves relationship building, listening to client needs, and advocating for designers, creativity and high quality design.”

What is your role at Waltz?

I was drawn to the intimate team at Waltz. I was impressed with the extensive client roster and the depth of client relationships that exist at Waltz. I particularly enjoy working on internal branding efforts as I’ve acclimated to the agency. The energy, soul and intention behind the brand are quite lovely and motivating. I especially love the primary color palette of black, white and neon.

Tell us about your history and experience.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Charlotte with Best Portfolio and earned my Associate’s degree in Applied Science in Graphic Design. Working at traditional ad agencies, social media agencies and as an independent contractor for global corporations like Tillamook, Volkswagen, Chobani and McDonalds has inspired me to be a self-starter. It has given me the skills to manage work back schedules, collaborate with multi-layered teams, direct and present creative work to clients and oversee designers on multi-media campaigns. 

Working with experienced mentors has helped elevate my career and grow my perspective in many ways. As a guest speaker at Portland State University for several years pre-Covid, I taught people how to work with a graphic designer and how to have a successful project with creatives.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I especially love spending joyful quality time with my son. Saucy pizza is my favorite food. Evening bicycle rides make me feel like a kid again. Global 80’s B-side musical gems energize me. Learning Solange’s dance routines keeps me in shape. Finding unusual and colorful patterns in nature, like petal puddles, are a Springtime favorite. Exploring other countries and their design history and taking photographs is my favorite hobby. I’d love to explore Portugal next!

What do you find most rewarding at Waltz Creative?

Working for a women-owned business and the strong women that I work beside every day. Collaborating with the Waltz team gives me the opportunity to use my love of sustainable and empathetic design practices to embody the values and creativity within the organization.

Allison Arno