Heidi Ash

Client Services Director

“My main focus is building client relationships. I work every day to solve problems for clients, make their lives easier, and delight them with the very best service around. I coach the Account Management team to be better communicators and to think strategically about how we can be trusted partners for our clients, not just a transactional vendor.”
What is your role at Waltz?

As client services director, I’m a marketer, a relationship builder, a teacher and coach, an amateur graphic designer, a professional nag and personal cheerleader, a campaign developer, a copywriter and editor, an amateur therapist…basically whatever our clients or our team needs to get the job done. I like the variety of clients and projects, and the fact that I use my previous creative experience without actually doing the creative work. 

Tell us about your history and experience.

As an English major and Women’s Studies minor, I basically got a degree in reading, writing and talking about it (or as I sometimes joke, I earned a BA in BS). Saint Mary’s College’s core curriculum includes a Great Books program in which students read and analyze the influential thinkers who have shaped our world, from the Ancient Greeks through the 20th Century. This experience taught me to be a critical thinker, to look at all angles and consider all points of view and to be open to reconsidering my initial opinions of people and situations. Starting right out of college, I worked as a sales rep for Herff Jones Yearbooks for twenty years before joining Waltz Creative in 2019. 

My education set me on the path to communicate and connect with all kinds of different people, while 20 years of working with middle school/high school kids and teachers honed those skills. This background, plus my status as a lifelong overachiever and people pleaser, has taught me a lot about how people think and how to find solutions that work for everyone. I truly enjoy people, getting to know them, supporting them in achieving their objectives and helping make their lives easier. Everything I do, every day, is influenced by this.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

My passions outside of work include cooking delicious, clean meals with my husband and staying up-to-date/geeking out on alternative health and wellness. We enjoy spending time in nature and relaxing at home. My perfect evening centers around a homemade meal and a cheesy Hallmark movie.

What do you like about working at Waltz Creative?

I love working at Waltz Creative because of the supportive atmosphere, the variety of client projects, and the unique and fun client interactions and relationships. Something new happens every day!

Heidi Ash