Lars Faye

Web Developer

Art is one of the characteristics that separates man from beast, but music bridges the gap.

What is your role at Waltz?

From hardware to software, to development and knowledge of how the internet functions as a whole, I weave my comprehensive technical knowledge into every project. My title is currently Technical Director/Lead Web Developer, but my deep knowledge of technology sometimes makes me want to refer to myself in binary (which for the record, is 01101100 01100001 01110010 01110011 00100000 01100110 01100001 01111001 01100101).

Tell us about your history and experience.

I’ve been a self-taught techie since I was born. In the past, I’ve worked in tech sales, tech support and networking, hosting/server administration, and even ran my own PC repair business for a while. That last venture evolved into learning web development around 15 years ago, and I’ve been coding exclusively ever since. I’ve been told I’m a unicorn: a developer with an eye for design. My favorite part of the job is bringing a design to life in ways that only technology can.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

If I wasn’t doing tech work, I’d be a musician, in some capacity. I’ve been playing guitar for about 20 years, along with the ukulele, harmonica, kalimba, dabble in piano…anything really. I would love to be a radio DJ or have my own “channel” of some kind (maybe one day!). Cooking is my other hobby and passion. While it’s not always the most creative process, I absolutely love the physicality of cooking in contrast to the digital goods I work on throughout the day. And my potato peeler never needs a software update.

What do you like about working at Waltz Creative?

I thrive in collaborative environments. Outstanding work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I joined Waltz in 2014, and Waltz is one of the most integrated agencies I’ve worked with. No segment of the project is compartmentalized from another, and has led to tremendous results, for everyone involved. Each project brings something to the table that refines the edge of a certain skill of mine, whether it’s design layout, interactivity, content management or performance. Being challenged almost daily, while also being allowed to be creative, is a dream come true!

Lars Faye