Michelle Padron

Senior Graphic Designer

“I learned how to be a designer in the real world. I learned that you have to hustle. Continuing to be creative in the midst of adversity has stretched my brain in ways that no other experience could.”
What is your role at Waltz?

Having worked here since 2010, I strive every day to keep Kathy’s passion for good and meaningful design — design that evokes an emotional response — alive in Waltz. My favorite projects often center around branding, print design and typography, three focuses that always test my ability to think beyond what I created yesterday or five years ago.

Tell us about your history and experience.

I feel like my college experience at California State University, Fresno was the first half of my education and working in the real world was my second (and ongoing). You learn things working in the field that you really have to experience first-hand. I worked at Five Creative Group in Fresno, CA during their transition from a small design firm to an agency, taking notes about the process. Before that, I worked at the print shop at Fresno State, which gave me relevant experience in print processes. Print is still a major part of our work at Waltz and helps round out the digital side of marketing.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Playing soccer in local leagues, but also just at the park for fun, and spending time with family. We enjoy life in Santa Cruz by going to the beach, walking to the park, and cruising on the bay. 

What do you like about working at Waltz Creative?

The design challenges, the diversity of work, and the people. It’s always fulfilling to work on C4C projects and for non-profit clients, seeing their vision for the community come to life.

Michelle Padron