Rita Gunderson

Design Director

“Rejoining the Waltz team has been a highlight of my career, knowing the creativity and industry knowledge I am growing here.”
What is your role at Waltz?

I started my career with Waltz (then Schipper Design) right after college and I’ve always associated the agency with high-caliber creative work. My personal design passions include brand strategy and design as well as event, packaging and web design so I am excited to be back with Waltz where I will  continue to develop all of my design skills and delight our clients with creative, outside-the-box designs.

In my role as Design Director I also oversee creative for key clients and work with the other creative/design directors to provide leadership for the studio.

Tell us about your history and experience.

I spent nearly seven years at Schipper Design in my first tenure and in that time, I developed a strong creative foundation, thanks to our founder, Kathy Schipper. That foundation served me well as I pursued new opportunities and continued to grow my skills. I worked onsite at Google for HH Global where I led and mentored younger designers and quickly moved from senior designer to junior art director. Working onsite with the client, I developed soft skills like managing constant client meetings, juggling fire drills and working quickly under pressure.  

I honed my UX/UI skills as an art director at 3Marketeers, then worked as an in-house art director for a cannabis brand where I was able to develop my branding and creative direction skills. Being in-house taught me to think outside of the box, stretch the limitations of a brand and utilize all of my skills, including print, web, social, experiential, photography, retail and brand strategy. My organizational skills with inventory management, creative budget, creative asset library management combined with my creative skills helped me rise to the role of in-house creative director.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I’m a planner at heart, so I love planning all the things, whether it’s events, outings for my family and friends or even my own baby shower at 35 weeks! 

Hand-crafting things is another thing I love, much to my husband’s anguish! If I see something in a store, I want to create it with my own personal touch, which means asking my husband to help do some of the production work.

As an early riser and a lifelong learner, I love to wake up around 5:15 for some self-improvement time. I read books, listen to podcasts and take courses so I can improve my skills and knowledge about branding, parenting, health, movement – pretty much any and everything!  

I also love baking, especially around the holidays, always find time for daily movement and stretching, and will forever be passionate about my two kiddos! 😍

What do you like about working at Waltz Creative?

I love the creative projects and camaraderie. I’m naturally introverted but every day is like hanging out with super creative and helpful friends.

Rita Gunderson