Zack Shubkagel Rovella

Creative Director

“Design isn’t just Pantone chips and fonts – it’s about solving problems, psychology and communication.”

What is your role at Waltz?

I was drawn to the people here at Waltz when I started as Creative Director back in 2019. I was impressed with the breadth of clients and depth of work in digital, print and branding. Day to day, I’m part designer, writer, teacher and shepherd. I enjoy working with clients and our creative flock to push brands forward to grow and thrive.

Tell us about your history and experience.

I went to Journalism School at the University of Missouri-Columbia, intending to become a feature writer for a newspaper or magazine. I enjoyed interviewing people and uncovering their story. At some point, I realized my true passion was in graphic design and finished a degree in advertising. In my first graphic design job for an architecture firm, I learned less is more, and the importance of every decision we make – from the recycled content in the paper we print on, to the visibility of type for persons with disabilities.

As a creative director and partner at Willoughby Design I focused on branding and brand strategy working with clients like Panera Bread, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Wonder Bread, Hersheys, Williams Sonoma, Taylor Farms, the Kauffman Foundation, Omidyar Group and Cerner Health. I was involved heavily with AIGA as a chapter president in KC, SF Design Week chairperson and 2012 National Chair for the Get Out The Vote.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

My husband and I just became foster parents to a toddler – this has become an amazing endeavor. I also am attempting a vegetable garden, feeding my sourdough starter like a pet, puzzling, sewing and relearning the piano when I have a chance.

What do you like about working at Waltz Creative?

Everyone is nice and passionate about what they do. We have a hardworking team that is dedicated to helping our clients shine. There is always a new day, a new story to tell.

Zack Shubkagel Rovella