Schipper Retreat 2018

Schipper Staff Retreat 2018

Institutional growth, personal advancement, positive change.

Every January on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Schipper Design staff forgo our day off for something even better – team building and re-centering. We learn a bit more about each other as people to appreciate what makes our agency special when we all work together. After presentations from leadership about company finances and client relations, we forecasted goals for our collective future – institutional growth, personal advancement, positive change.

Following a noteworthy taco bar lunch, it was time for a special activity. Gathering in a half circle, we met with a behavior expert who taught us about DISC – an assessment tool that reveals four different behavioral traits: Dominance, Influence, Supportive, and Compliance.

Through the assessment, we were proud to discover a healthy balance of personalities that comprise our diverse team. Our mixture of outgoing and reserved, straight-forward and diplomatic, creative and analytical minds work side-by-side to craft quality projects for our clients every day. Instead of focusing on how some personality types may clash, we celebrated our differences and how they encourage us to stretch each other to produce better work for our clients. A sounding chamber of identical voices seldom thinks up revolutionary ideas.

Ending the day on those good feelings, we suited up with gloves and smocks to work on a collective art project. Designers stood by Account Managers and played with blue/green water colors to create a beautiful striped masterpiece that hangs in our office conference room today.

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