San Francisco 49ers Museum

A Touchdown in Teaching Science, Math and More.

Students K-8th grade visit the 49ers Museum through school field trips, where they experience and learn using STEAM concepts and technology. We have designed several editions of The Playbook, both in print and digitally, to facilitate an immersive and fun experience whether in-person or online.

  • Creative Development
  • Workbook Design
  • Interactive PDF
San Francisco 49ers Museum Education Playbook Design
SF Forty Niners Playbook Graphic Design
49ers Football Stadium - Levi's
49ers Museum in San Francisco
49ers Museum Playbook Cober 2016

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and field trips were not an option, the 49ers sought a quick online solution that teachers and parents can use. Tapping into all the interactive capabilities Adobe InDesign® has to offer, we reassembled the book with animations to activate pages, crosslinks, and buttons to get students to interact with questions and activities, including a crossword puzzle. Check it out for yourself!

San Francisco 49ers Museum Playbook Cover 2017

I wanted to drop you a note to commend your team on a job very well done on our Museum Education Playbook. I (and our management here at 49ers) have been very pleased with the work and the process. Your creativity and organizational skill helped create this award-winning product.”

Jesse Lovejoy

Director, STEAM Education
49ers Football Education Graphic Design