A10 Networks

A Tech Brand Recharges

In 2019, A10 hired a new CEO to signal a new era of growth. The marketing team sought a refresh of the brand identity system to excite internal and external audiences as well as to realign with the brand strategy. Schipper Design was called in to lead A10 through a brand refresh.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Trade Dress
  • Brand Guidelines
A10 Networks Logo Before and After

Brand Strategy

We began with an extensive Brand Strategy phase, refining the mission, vision and values. We developed a new brand personality and brand voice. All of this helped inform the next phase of brand look-and-feel. To start that phase we got consensus on a general mood board that hinted at potential concept exploration.

A10 Networks Mood Board

Brand Exploration

We explored a range of concept directions, testing image treatment, type styles, color palettes and layout styles. These imaginary “brand walls” help illustrate how the identity would live as a system in marketing and beyond.

On Pointillism Brand Wall
Pattern Recognition Brand Wall
KISS Brand Wall

The Solution

Working with the A10 Marketing Department, we were able to get consensus on a new overall look-and-feel. This evolution featured a simplified logomark that still honored the 16-year brand equity. The bold color palette, approachable type system and image treatment moves A10 into a new era.

A10 Business Card
A10 T-Shirt
A10 Website

I would like to thank you and the entire Waltz team again for being the pioneers and lead designers of the A10 brand refresh. We launched it successfully on April 2nd and it is a huge success.”

Gunter Reiss

Former Vice President, Worldwide Marketing