Branding Protectors of an Iconic Region

Waltz designed a new identity/logo for 2017 Creatives for Community Grant recipient, Big Sur Fire Brigade. Formed in 1974 to provide structure fire protection for residents and businesses in the Big Sur area, the organization had grown to provide structure and wildland fire protection, along with rescue and emergency medical response for the Big Sur community and its 4.5 million+ annual visitors.

After 43 years, the all-volunteer company needed a new brand to better reflect the critical services it provides to one of the world’s most prized regions. The new identity helped boost morale and pride in the organization as well as increasing awareness of BSF and supporting fundraising efforts through the annual Responder Newsletter.

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We drew on the beauty of the Big Sur region. This world-renowned region is featured in movies, books and captures the imagination of people worldwide when they think of California. The Big Sur Fire Brigade is the fire department serving this vital landscape, full of windy roads, steep cliffs and terrain, campsites and hiking. We took inspiration from hand-painted signs throughout the region.

Mood Board
Big Sure Fire logo exploration


We designed a range of marks capturing the natural beauty as well as symbolism around protection and firefighting. We knew the mark had to be recreated for patches, vehicle decals and digital applications.

Big Sur Fire Logo
Big Sur Fire Patch
2021 newsletter inside and cover

Thanks so much for the work on the newsletter! This year is shaping up to be one of our biggest donor years yet and I know part of it is because of the newsletter!”

Angela Padilla

BSF Assistant Administrator