Housing Matters

Bringing an important issue home

With a belief that homelessness should be rare, brief and non-recurring, Housing Matters sought assistance in raising awareness for the good it does for the Santa Cruz community. Waltz worked with the organization on a name change and rebrand as part of our Creatives for Community design grant program and has further supported the organization with marketing collateral, a website and a comprehensive Capital Campaign.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • Capital Campaign
  • Annual Report
Housing Matters Logo Design - Before
Housing Matters Logo Design - After
Housing Matters Brand Wall

Brand Identity Design

Changing the name from Homeless Services Center to Housing Matters helped to reposition the organization around its mission. This more positive statement is something we can all support and relate with. Waltz designed a simple and ownable mark with the frame of a house. The blues and wave elements speak to the Santa Cruz County community the organization serves.

Housing Matters Logo Animation
Housing Matters Logo Exploration
Housing Matters T-Shirt Designs
Housing Matters Stamp Logo
Housing Matters Annual Report Design
Housing Matters Santa Cruz Homeless
Housing Matters Nonprofit Brochure Design
Housing Matters Building with Purpose Brochure