Herff Jones

Plug-and-Play Design

Herff Jones Yearbooks needed a partner that could step in and act as an extension of their Marketing Department and tackle some key initiatives that their team didn’t have the bandwidth to take on. Waltz created a series of yearbook covers with coordinating graphic packages that were customizable, yet could be used as-is for schools that needed more of a ready-to-use resource.

  • Publication Design
  • Template Design
Doodle Alphabet Mock up
Custom Doodle Alphabet
Custom woodblock alphabet
Woodblock Alphabet mock up

These designs needed to work in both Adobe InDesign® and Herff Jones’ online page creation platform, eDesign®. They also needed to potentially appeal to a variety of student audiences, ranging from kindergarteners to college students. With all of these parameters in mind, our team started with mood boards and worked with the client to eventually narrow down to nine custom-designed, customizable covers, several with alternative versions, custom graphics, and alphabets, and all with coordinating layouts for endsheets, title pages, opening, closing, and divider spreads.

Masked Design Mock Up
All In Animated mock up
Layers design options mocked up animation
You Said It design options animated
3 Cover designs mocked up

In a time when our own creative department needed support, Waltz Creative stepped in and acted as an extension of our own team, adding innovative ideas and designs. They provided a fresh perspective when we needed it most and listened to our desire to support the work that had already been done.

Betsy Brittingham

Product Manager, Yearbook Division