Herff Jones

New Adviser Support Campaign

Herff Jones manufactures and sells educational recognition and achievement products, including yearbooks, caps and gowns, graduation announcements and more. Herff Jones’ sales reps must train and support yearbook teachers in customer schools every year and an increasing trend of advisers quitting yearbook after only a year or two was cause for concern. Waltz undertook a comprehensive campaign to facilitate the successful onboarding of new yearbook teachers and work toward reducing their high turnover rate.

  • Graphic Design & Marketing
  • Publication Design
  • Product Branding
Yearbook workshop kit laid flat

This campaign was designed to support both new yearbook advisers and the yearbook reps who support them with numerous deliverables, including a new adviser welcome kit, a new adviser training “workshop in a box” for sales reps and a comprehensive rep guide to supporting new advisers.

First we created a unique look and feel for the campaign that stood alone while still working within the overall brand framework. The New Adviser Welcome Kit included a box designed with the campaign look and feel, a t-shirt, desktop reference guide, pencil cube and more.


Herff Jones Yearbook Workshop logo development
Event name tag, agenda, and certificate
Workshop in a Box

On the rep side of things, we wrote, edited and designed a 52 page guide to supporting new advisers and created a done-for-you new adviser “workshop in a box” including agenda, PowerPoint template, four complete PPTs to teach yearbook basics, name tags, certificates and signage.

Herff Jones sales rep guide
Powerpoint presentation deck

In a time when our own creative department needed support, Waltz Creative stepped in and acted as an extension of our own team, adding innovative ideas and designs. They provided a fresh perspective when we needed it most and listened to our desire to support the work that had already been done.”

Betsy Brittingham

Product Manager, Yearbook Division