HLB Lighting Design

Wrangling the Rogue

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, HLB is one of the largest independent architectural lighting design firms in North America. With seven offices, brand fatigue had set in as staff were going rogue creating their own templates and documents. It was time to clean up the brand for a new era. Waltz Creative refined the logo, color palette and type system and created consistent templates across Microsoft® Word, Excel, Powerpoint and InDesign®. We also redesigned their website and designed a commemorative coffee table book for their anniversary.

  • Brand Refinement
  • Book Design
  • PowerPoint
  • Document Templates
HLB Logo Before and After

HLB wanted to maintain their brand equity, and didn't need a rebrand. The Waltz team began with an audit of all documents, brochures, and marketing efforts. We determined their original logo needed some proper kerning/spacing. We also recommended a slightly darker green to help with legibility across print and digital executions. From there, we extended the color palette, typography and designed a new lockup for their tagline “we believe in the power of light.”

HLB Tagline
Brand Guide Book

Having a cohesive brand identity system is necessary for any large organization. HLB sought a consistent set of templates to meet their varied needs. We updated the branding, colors, typography and introduced some order with an extensive template system across Word, InDesign, Excel and PowerPoint.  The new system offers a unified experience to clients and improves productivity.

Qualifications Report
Powerpoint Slide Designs
Designer Report
Letter-sized Templates
Program Summary Template

When HLB celebrated its 50th anniversary, Waltz was delighted to help them celebrate by designing a commemorative coffee table book. Perfect-bound with a foil-stamped cloth cover, the book features their impressive portfolio and their storied history.

HLB Look Book
HLB Logo on paper

We always appreciate your innovative thinking and flexibility.”

Abigail Iorio

National Marketing Manager