The Bulleit Group

Bringing a storyteller’s brand story to life.

The Bulleit Group PR Firm helps disruptive Silicon Valley tech firms tell their stories. Schipper helped extend Bulleit’s brand identity into a cohesive visual system for consistency across their new website and key collateral.

  • Brand Development
  • Website
  • Media Presentation

The Bulleit Group was founded in 2012 over a glass of Bulleit Bourbon–hence the name. They commissioned a logo and hit the ground running, growing an impressive roster of clients including Google, LinkedIn and tech startups in robotics, AI, security, fintech and more.

Seven years later, they were itching for a brand experience system that better reflected their personality. Inspired by their mantra “We tell stories about sci-fi becoming reality,” we brought in a collage style of post-modern and sci-fi futurism.

Bulleit Group Illustrations
Bulleit Group Presentation Slides