A Big Leap Forward

This cobbler found time to give its kids some new dancing shoes! Founded as Schipper Design in 2004, we decided the time was right in our agency's evolution to change our name and rebrand as Waltz Creative. To learn more about why we did it read our blog. But to see how it turned out, scroll this way!

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Trade Dress
  • Brand Guidelines

The new brand is inspired by the new name, Waltz. From music to dance, movement is integral to engaging our audiences. Our logotype mimics the thicks and thins of music symbols like the Treble Clef. Black and white stripes serve as a connecting element driving energy and life throughout. The neon color palette provides pops of energy. The type system features a dynamic typeface that allows us to inject fluid movement into our website and marketing materials.

Waltz Brand Identity System
Waltz Business Cards
Waltz Business Card detail
Waltz Notecards
Waltz Notepad and Pen
Waltz Stationery
Online Brand Guideline


The Waltz team worked diligently to ensure the new identity system would translate across digital, print and environmental touchpoints. Using our proprietary Online Brand Guide, we are able to share our standards internally and externally to partners as needed. This ensures that anytime we need to make an update it is current for all visitors. Check it out for yourself.

In addition to our visual identity, we developed our voice and messaging. Starting with our Core Values we outlined six mantras to help our team align: Together We Work, Every Decision Matters, Never Stop Improving, Outcomes Over Output, Driven to Delight and Plus Ultra.

We developed our Brand Promise: Rally, Revive + Resonate.

After a full year of development, we rolled out the brand across all touchpoints and launched the final performance for all to see!

Together We Work
Outcomes Over Output
Every Decision Matters
Thinking beyond ourselves.
Driven to Delight
Without exception we are focused on our clients' objectives.
Never Stop Improving
Plus Ultra
Show them what they asked for, PLUS what they couldn't imagine.
Waltz Stickers on Laptop
Waltz Coasters
Waltz Enamel Pins
waltz apparel
Waltz Branded Bottle
Waltz Exterior Sign