Schipper Design Canvas Art Project

The Creative 8

Even the best designers need time to renew their creative energy

Every year, the Schipper Team hosts an 8-hour day of renewal to learn about each other, to have fun and to be design inspired for the year ahead. We call it The Creative 8.

At last year’s celebration, the team gathered at ­­­­the Aromas Community Grange and quickly got to work making tamales for lunch. These time-consuming culinary delights provided the perfect team-building exercise to teach patience, collaboration and hand-eye coordination to the ambitious group of designers and account managers. The end product was as delicious as the lessons learned.

After lunch, the team walked through a workshop process about identifying and celebrating different personality traits, then the designers prepped for a creative presentation. Each designer was given a word and asked to use that word for researching new design trends and gathering inspiration from multimedia sources.

To round out the day, the team played a few cooperative learning games together and then created four colorful pieces of art out of shredded client projects from the last year. The masterpieces now hang in the studio as a tribute to that special day of comradery and discovery.







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