HOW Design Live Keynote

HOW Design Conference 2017

Design leaders meet Schipper creative professionals.

Some of the greatest thought leaders in design, business and technology gathered in Chicago this May to share their industry knowledge with creative professionals from around the world. Here’s what we experienced:


“HOW Design Live was an incredible opportunity to learn about exciting advances in the design field and engage with inspiring industry leaders.”

Ella Kaplan
Project Coordinator


“The energy and the camaraderie I felt at HOW gave me chills. So many thoughtful minds and creatives in one place became very motivating and inspirational for me. One speaker in particular blew my mind…relaying the idea that WE, as the idea makers and communicators, have the power to change the world. WE are the link between the company/organization and the people they want to communicate with. WE have the power to communicate whatever we want…to cause a stir, to create action, to move… No other industry holds that much power of communication. No other industry holds the power of message like we do. Design is a powerful tool, and WE as designers get to decide how to use it. Interesting perspective, right?”

Renée Balducci
Senior Graphic Designer


“One of the most powerful experiences at HOW is being surrounded by 3,500 people who are equally passionate about typography, thoughtful design, and the smell of fresh ink.”

Michelle Padron
Graphic Designer






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