HOW 2018 Stage

HOW Design Live Conference 2018

If creativity is a muscle, then the HOW Design Live Conference is a personal trainer.

What started as a simple print magazine evolved into an innovative idea that became a world-class design gathering, drawing participants from around the globe.

Hosted in a different city every year, HOW Design Live presents experienced speakers from countless professions – designers, technical experts, strategists, big-thinkers, CEOs, technology gurus, and more. This year in Boston, Massachusetts, three bright-eyed designers from our team spent the week soaking up inspiration at hands-on workshops, keynote speeches, and networking socials, re-fueling their passion for creative work.

“Jump off cliffs and build your own wings on the way down” was from a poster presented by Stefan Mumaw in his keynote “Designing Emotion: How to Use Design to Move People.” Telling the audience to “focus on the story and do not worry about the ending.” I do feel that designers have a pressure to ensure the final deliverables/designs have successful outcomes. It’s our responsibility. Attending over 25 sessions that week in Boston, I had an overwhelming feeling of community and understanding – we all have similar goals and difficulties. When each of the sessions would end, Q & A would begin. UX, data, creative leadership, problem solving – all of it was relevant. Every design conference I’ve attend, you leave so inspired and rejuvenated; bringing back valuable takeways. And this year’s HOW conference was no exception. I loved how Ande La Monia ended his presentation with increasing gratitude and kindness in your life. “Gratitude is a greater value than working the InDesign file. It improves relationships. It breaks down barriers. And most importantly, it’s pretty effortless to do. Be kind. Especially to you.”

Cheryl Lovejoy,
Senior Media Designer

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