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Meet Our New Client Services Director, Heidi Ash!

Schipper Design hires passionate new client services director to deepen client relationships.

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, CA. (November 7, 2019) — Schipper Design is excited to announce our new Client Services Director, Heidi Ash. Heidi brings more than 20 years of award-winning experience in business development, client relations and support.

The Central Coast’s best creative agency is on fire. In 2019, the agency continued expansion of its mission to elevate business with brand awareness and excellence in design with the celebration of their 15-year anniversary, the naming of new partner Beth Welch, the addition of Creative Director Zack Shubkagel and finally the addition of Client Services Director, Heidi Ash. With the addition of a client-centric  professional like Heidi, the agency continues to elevate the experience and personal attention Schipper clients have enjoyed for the last 15 years.

Before joining Schipper design, Heidi spent 20 years as a sales and service rep for a national yearbook company. She worked with more than 100 schools each year on every aspect of their yearbook, including marketing, design, sales campaigns and strategies, concept development, copy writing and photography.

Heidi was consistently recognized for her achievements in marketing, sales and customer service and led her office to become the top performing territory in sales and customer retention for more than ten years in a row. Her customers looked to her as the expert and relied on her calming presence, eye for detail, organized approach, responsiveness and unfailing support.

Heidi has a passion for connecting with people and building relationships. She focuses on bringing people together to improve communication and efficiency, develop creative solutions, and build strong teams who are ready to meet any challenge. She always aims to partner with clients to truly understand their business, anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.

“The addition of a client services director rounds out the robust leadership team at Schipper. Heidi’s role in leading the account services team and new business relationships for the agency provides an even greater level of customer service than that which our clients have come to expect over the years,” said Beth Welch, Managing Director.

Heidi is excited to bring her creativity, marketing, sales, project management and customer retention skills, along with her love for people and knack for connecting with them, to Schipper. After 20 years wearing the many hats a successful career as a yearbook rep requires, Heidi is ready to take on any challenge presented and approaches every new client and project with the same detail, care and enthusiasm that earned her customers’ fierce loyalty for two decades.

We'd love to hear from you! If you would like to meet Heidi, either by phone or in person, feel free to reach out.

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