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Christmas in July – it’s more than Hallmark movies

Intentional planning paves the way for holiday touchpoints with impact

It’s July. The dog days of summer conjure up images of hot days, warm nights, barbeques, pool parties, beach outings – and holiday cheer? Whether you fully embrace Hallmark’s Christmas in July movie marathon and delight in the decorations popping up at Costco or are staunchly opposed to making merry before December 15th, the season creeps up quickly and now is the perfect time to start thinking about your company’s holiday greetings. 

Are holiday greetings worth the effort?

Whether you are a B2B, B2C or nonprofit marketer, holiday greetings are a great way to connect with your clients, prospects,  vendors and other contacts. Holiday cards, eBlasts and gifts can:

  • Generate goodwill
  • Provide an opportunity to get your brand in front of your audience
  • Serve as a touchpoint for clients you haven’t done business with recently and revive relationships
  • Offer gratitude and customer appreciation
  • Share news, updates, holiday office closures, videos, links and calls to action

Think outside the box (or gift basket)

If you typically share your appreciation for your clients with a holiday gift, don’t let your brand get lost in the sea of ordinary branded trinkets and gift baskets full of nuts, cheese and salami, boxes of candy and aroma therapy candles. Holiday gifts that are useful, fun, clever or unexpected make an impression and keep your brand in front of your audience long after the holidays are over. Let’s be honest, everyone has enough pens, coffee mugs and candles already.

Waltz Branded Custom Playing Cards

Branded playing cards can inspire your current and prospective clients to spend time playing a good old-fashioned card game with their families during holiday downtime and think of your brand each time they shuffle that deck.

Waltz Gift Wrap

Custom wrapping paper can be used for occasions throughout the year, demonstrates that your brand is clever and thoughtful, and serves as a touchpoint each time your client uses a sheet to wrap a gift.

Custom calendars, note card sets, journals, or even board games are other great options to create something different, useful and memorable. Remember too that there are lots of holidays to celebrate. Thanksgiving or New Year’s greetings and gifts are an alternative if December is too hectic and, in some cases, might be more likely to get your audience’s attention as they receive fewer cards, emails and gifts around those times.

The time is now

Whatever route you go, starting your holiday card, eBlast or gift this summer will alleviate the mid-December stress and give you more time to focus on other joyful things, like year-end reporting, budgets, hunting down the hottest (and likely soldout) toy for the kids or finding the perfect gift for your mother-in-law. 

Don’t wait until December and end up with a rushed, haphazard effort, or worse, good intentions that fall by the wayside with a sigh of “maybe next year.”

Not sure where to start? Check out the gallery below of eBlasts, print cards and custom-branded gifts our team has designed over the years for inspiration, then give us a call to get started!


Still not convinced?

If the promise of easy, stress-free marketing isn’t enough to motivate you, how about a little extra incentive? Start your holiday project now, and Waltz Creative will give you a discount!*

* Start your holiday card, email or branded gift by September 1 and complete your project by October 31st and we will discount your project by 10%.

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Traditional Cards

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Branded Gifts

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