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Keeping a Brand Healthy and Compassionate

Natividad continually monitors and improves the health of the Monterey County community through coordinated, affordable, high-quality health care. Owned and operated by Monterey County, Natividad is 172-bed, acute-care essential hospital and trauma center. Waltz has overseen Natividad’s brand and marketing communications for more than 15 years. Their focus is crafting bilingual, engaging and accessible marketing campaigns. This long-term partnership has helped maintain consistent, patient-centered messaging across all marketing efforts. Waltz also supports Human Resources with recruiting efforts and employee engagement.

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In 2018 Natividad worked with several partners, including Waltz, to launch a new brand. Working hand-in-hand, we played an important role in the transformation of the Natividad brand you see today, including a new website in English and Spanish, tagline “Inspiring Healthy Lives,” print materials, advertising, signage, video projects and more. With multiple service lines and many target audiences, developing comprehensive brand guidelines was essential for the Marketing and Human Resources teams. Waltz worked with Natividad to establish brand guidelines, which are updated on a regular basis to ensure consistency with the brand's natural evolution and growth.

Natividad Brand Guidelines

Elevating the User Experience

The biggest undertaking with the new brand was a new website. High-level site goals were to:

  • Effectively communicate with a population representing diverse languages and backgrounds.
  • Speak to an array of target audiences who all need different things from the hospital.
  • Provide an all-in-one solution that captured the customer base in one place instead of sending them conflicting messages from multiple directions.

The new website needed to elevate the hospital’s brand within the marketplace and better connect with its patient audience, positioning Natividad as an Essential Hospital that provides award-winning care to its underserved community.

We needed to consider two primary languages and each hospital service line’s specific target market and service offerings.

The website needed an improved user experience and translation into Spanish – not a Google Translate plugin, but a fully translated version of the English site, thoughtfully interpreted by a team who knows the Natividad patient base.

Natividad Website

Twelve Sites in One

We recognized that to serve Natividad’s patients best, the website needed to be divided into six sub-sites, each tailored to a portion of their care portfolio. The sub-sites needed to function separately and together, in harmony under the greater Natividad brand umbrella. After translating everything into Spanish, six sub-sites became twelve.

Over the course of one year, we gathered and organized the content for every single webpage, sourced translations, designed layouts and graphics, carefully chose images, and provided well-researched direction for the development of the user experience for the entire site.

The most important piece was carefully considering how a user would navigate through the main site, into the sub-sites, and back again to find the information they’re looking for. By creating unique sub-sites for all of the service lines, we were able to target each of those patient groups along their individual customer journeys.

Natividad FB Post
Natividad FB Post
Natividad FB Post
Natividad FB Post
Natividad FB Post

Getting Social

Natividad’s diverse audience requires a very intentional approach with all outreach efforts, including social media. Focusing on translation, transcreation, readability and clear visuals helps maximize reach and allows the organization to better serve its patient population. Social content must effectively reach seven diverse audience segments:

  • Patients
  • Community Members
  • Health Department
  • Employees
  • Potential Employees/Contractors/Residents
  • Donors
  • Board of Trustees

There is even more segmentation within these audiences, particularly with the patient audience. As a county-owned, essential hospital, a significant portion of the patient population are non-English speakers, many of whom do not speak Spanish either but indigenous languages. In addition to Spanish and indigenous language speakers, patients speak many other languages. In total, about 14 different languages are represented. This means clear communication can be challenging and is incredibly important. To optimize content and make it as accessible as possible for all audience segments, graphics are simple and often use iconography to help communicate important messages visually as well as verbally.

Natividad Ad Campaign Magazine
Natividad Ad Campaign Magazine

Inclusive Marketing Increases Reach

Just as with social media, traditional marketing messages and visuals must also consider the variety of languages spoken and read within the community as well as how to reach all audience segments. Transcreation ensures that messaging is still relevant and resonates post-translation, while consistent, simple visuals increase accessibility. Photo selection is also critical as it's important to represent all segments of the diverse community that Natividad serves.

Natividad Ad Campaign
Natividad Ad Campaign Bus
Natividad Ad Campaign Poster
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Natividad COVID Response

With photo selection being such an important component of all marketing efforts, having a rich, diverse, comprehensive library of images is essential. The best way to ensure that the perfect photo is always available? Have a photo shoot! The Waltz team coordinates and art directs regularly scheduled photo shoots to make sure the library is always fresh, up-to-date and reflective of the hospital's programs as well as both the internal and external communities.

Natividad Maternity Department

As one of the largest employers in the county, Natividad is always in need of internal communications for their staff and for recruiting. We support the Human Resources department by managing their intranet and employee enrichment programs, creating newsletters, signage, social media posts and other collateral to communicate to more than 1,600 employees and developing videos and other materials to support recruiting efforts.

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