Red Blossom

Serving Sweetness

Red Blossom is one of California's leading berry producers, hand-picking and field-packing strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries year-round. Waltz has supported Red Blossom over the years, from developing the brand to keeping it fresh through digital, print and in-person marketing efforts. We've also worked on developing a library of exclusive recipe images showcasing these delectable fruits.

  • Brand Development
  • Website
  • Tradeshow Booth
  • Packaging
  • Photography / Art Direction
Red Blossom Website
Red Blossom Summer Salad
Red Blossom Summer Drinks
Red Blossom Blueberry Cookies
Red Blossom Summer Coolers
Red Blossom Spring Berry Salad
Red Blossom Strawberry Salsa
Red Blossom Fall Pie
Red Blossom Fall Cobbler
Red Blossom Blackberry Cornbread
Red Blossom Strawberry Bike Basket
Red Blossom Trade Ads
Red Blossom Truck Wrap
Red Blossom PMA Trade Ad
Red Blossom PMA Temp Tattoo

Waltz Creative helped create a distinctive brand, and after working together for years, we continue to produce fresh, eye-catching, industry-leading campaigns, year after year!”

Michelle Deleissegues

Director of Marketing, Red Blossom