Syngenta Vegetable Seeds

An Ideal Match All Year-Round

When Syngenta Vegetable Seeds was ready to disrupt the cantaloupe melon category with its latest game-changing innovation, they turned to Waltz Creative to craft an attention-grabbing product brand and marketing materials to support the roll-out plan, from initial launch to longer-term, cross-channel deliverables.

While Syngenta is primarily a B2B company, it was important to market to the usual broker and grower audience while also making a splash with retail produce buyers. With a tight timeline driven by the anticipated harvest timeline for the melons ripening in the field, we rolled up our sleeves and dug in.

  • Brand Development
  • Brochure
  • Packaging
  • Digital Assets

Familiarity Breeds Brilliance:
Leveraging Early Collaboration for Success

Having worked with the Syngenta team on early product naming efforts, photo/video shoots, scripting and storyboarding while this melon was still in the pipeline, the Waltz team was familiar with the market pain points, key features and benefits, differentiators and the larger Syngenta melon portfolio. This allowed us to quickly dive into branding. Establishing the product identity was the first step in the bigger picture of a go-to-market plan with many objectives.

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Project Goals

  • Craft a disruptive direct mail package to secure early traction and demand for the new product launch.
  • Create an exclusive, “get in early” sense of urgency with select supermarket produce buyers.
  • Set the stage for a big launch at the International Fresh Produce Association’s Global Produce & Floral Show, followed by other industry events and trade shows later in the season and next year.
  • Launch this product as another proof point in Syngenta Vegetable Seeds’ innovation story, and position the new harvest indicator melons as a part of the strong existing commercial portfolio which can now provide retailers with a consistent, reliable, 52-week supply of delicious melons that will delight their consumers.
  • Transform the melon marketplace to improve sales throughout the entire value chain.

Bright, Bold, and Unforgettable

We knew the branding needed to be bright and energetic. This was no ordinary melon, and the brand couldn’t be ordinary either. Inspiration struck in early kick-off meetings with the Syngenta team. Just as shoppers struggle to find a good melon in the grocery store, retailers take the same leap of faith when they source melons to sell in their produce departments. It’s kind of like a blind date – you really don’t know what you are getting into until it’s too late to change your mind.

Ideal Melons - 3 Logo Concepts

With everyone on both teams agreeing that the nod to online dating apps was just the right mix of sassy, playful and unexpected, we leaned into the idea of finding a perfect match and the brand identity quickly came together. The bright orange and green were eye-catching and inspired by the vibrant green of the vines and the enticing orange of a fresh-cut, ripe melon. The conversational, playful font was in line with the emerging brand voice and supporting graphics gave a nod to both the texture of the rind and the various ways cantaloupe can be found at retail – whole, sliced, diced and balled.

Ideal Melons Final Logo Design
Icon Design
Infographic Design

Thinking Inside the Box

While finalizing the brand, we simultaneously developed concepts for the melon mailer. We were excited by the opportunity to get really creative and think outside the box – or in this case, inside the box. The disruptive mailer needed to get the attention of a few select, hand-picked retailers across the country and deliver two fresh cantaloupes in order to achieve a key business objective: create pull-through demand with targeted markets to enable strategic melon grower partners to secure the seed for the new harvest-indicator melon variety.

Cut and Whole Cantaloupe Sitting on Wooden Table
Waltz Staff working on box design customization and fulfillment

Delivering the IDEAL Experience

We considered the logistics of shipping fresh melons across the country, as well as the recipient experience. Shipping and packing materials were chosen to protect the melons while complementing the look and feel of the mailer and staying within budget. The initial mailing included just five recipients, so custom-printed boxes weren’t sensible from a cost perspective and we got creative. Labels were designed and then printed in-house and applied to solid-colored boxes that housed the individual melons. We collaborated with the Syngenta team on messaging, wrote copy for and designed the personal introduction letter and brochure that were tied on top of each melon box. The two melon boxes were placed into a shipping box that was stenciled and hand-painted by the Waltz team.

Photos of outside and inside of melon box

Going the Extra Mile

It was a hurry-up-and-wait sprint as we raced to make sure everything was ready to go by the first projected date by which the melons might be ripe. It turned out Mother Nature wasn’t quite ready and the melons needed another week to soak up the sun and be ready for harvesting.

Truly a “full-service” agency, when the melons were ready to go, we assembled and sent out the packages to be sure that everything was executed exactly as envisioned. Boxes of melons were shipped to our office and our team virtually collaborated with the Syngenta team to be sure the very best melons were selected and sent. Multiple Facetime calls with product managers allowed us to make sure the size, shape and rind color of each melon was just right. We smelled each melon to confirm it had the ideal aroma and even taste-tasted a few to be sure they had the ideal sweetness and flavor.

Produce Brochure Design
Email Marketing Design and Coding

Beyond the Mailer:
Showcasing IDEAL on a Global Stage

After the initial IDEAL launch, it was time to move into tradeshow season and generate buzz on a wider scale. Emails to brokers, growers and retailers invited them to come meet their IDEAL melon match. Digital ads and earned media coverage on trade websites generated interest and drove traffic to the IDEAL landing page. Banners, showcases, tasting stations and various displays put IDEAL melons front and center in Syngenta’s booths and exhibits at shows across the globe. The melon mailer was so well-received that the Syngenta team decided to custom-print a larger quantity of boxes and send melons to interested booth visitors as a follow-up.

Harvesting Success

As the IDEAL melon portfolio continues to grow and generate sales, the collaborative efforts of the Waltz and Syngenta teams have proved quite successful. In addition to the business value, both teams have won awards for their efforts with this melon. Syngenta received the Silver Fruit Logistica Innovation Award for the IDEAL Melons with the Harvest Indicator Trait, while Waltz Creative was recognized in the 2023 GDUSA Package Awards Showcase for the original melon mailer sent to select retailers. As exciting as it is to receive national recognition for our work, delighting the client and helping them shine was even more gratifying for the Waltz team. Marketing Communications Lead Ivy Perez made our hearts sing when she said “Waltz Creative understood our mission and undertook the challenge of designing and communicating a technical concept to our audience – and bringing it to life. They got it ripe!”

With more fun product branding campaigns already in progress, Waltz is thrilled to continue our collaborative partnership and to continue to produce creative and impactful marketing campaigns with the Syngenta team.

Tradeshow Graphic Design Services
Trade Show Graphic Design and Marketing for Produce

The Waltz Creative Team are true brand experts. Every detailed design element, from the embedded melon-slice logo, to the appetizing color palette has made IDEAL Melons the recognizable, award-winning brand it is today. Beyond the branding, the Waltz team created a brilliant, cheeky marketing campaign to complement the striking design elements. A Perfect Match of creative excellence and expertise, delineating the powerhouse work done by Waltz Creative.”

Ivy Perez

Marketing Communications Lead
Syngenta Vegetable Seeds, Americas