Syngenta Flowers

An Iconic Festival of Flowers

The Waltz team looks forward to working with the Syngenta Flowers team each year to craft a fun, fresh concept for their biggest trade show of the year, California Spring Trials (CAST). We start with a nugget of an idea that connects to the year’s product releases and let the creative juices flow from there, developing the show’s theme, event logo, look and feel, key art and style guide. The resulting event identity is executed across 30–40 different deliverables ranging from large-scale displays, print collateral, giveaways, digital assets and more.

  • Event Branding
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Environmental Design
  • Collateral
  • Apparel
  • Digital Assets
  • Custom Illustration

Creativity in Bloom

Knowing that Delta Pro pansy was slated to be the headliner of this year’s show, the Syngenta team wanted to explore Pansypalooza as the show’s theme. This immediately felt like the perfect fit. Just as a festival highlights a select lineup of performers together in one place for a few short, special days, CAST showcases Syngenta's latest and most exciting innovations on display for one short week.

Feeling the inspiration, we turned our clocks back to 1991, put on our flannel, cranked up Jane's Addiction on our boom box and got to work.

Initial mood boards dove into all things music festival and Lollapalooza-inspired. We looked at 90s signage, merch, flair, fashion and concert headliners, made playlists and studied the hits we once knew the lyrics to as we set the scene. Album art, musical lyrics, performances, festival lineups and bootlegs inspired ideas and directed the curation of tone, mood and experience. From graphic strokes and line weights to color and scale we wanted to provide an authentic festival feel.

Polaroids from Lollapalooz 1991
Photo Credit, Left to Right: In Living Colour by Rik Goldman; Lollapalooza 1991 by Ric Wallace; Dave Grohl by Tobby Holzinger/Agentur Spirit; Trent Reznor by Rik Goldman.

Grungy, Abstract and Beautiful

Logo concepts were graphic-heavy and sought to find the right balance between alternative grunge and the bold vibrancy the flowers deserve. Once the initial concept was finalized, more than two dozen abstract and artistic flower graphics were custom illustrated to be used in signage, backdrops, web graphics, social media graphics and more. Everything was stress-tested to ensure graphics would scale and translate well to everything from 1080x1080 social posts to large-scale displays measuring up to 12 feet.

Pansy Palooza - Exploration Logo 1
Pansy Palooza - Final Logo
Pansy Palooza - Exploration Logo 2
Pansy Palooza Wall Graphics
Pansy Palooza T-Shirt
Pansy Palooza Logo on a Beer Glass, next to an orange pansy in a pot
Flower Illustrations
Animated graphic of flowers with Pansy Palooza logo
Pansy Palooza Sign

In Living Colour

With our flower illustration toolkit ready to deploy, it was time to execute the identity across dozens of assets and deliverables. Waltz and Syngenta Flowers worked closely together for more than four months designing and finalizing posters, backdrops, t-shirts, web and digital graphics, social media posts, signage, art installations and more.

When everything came together, abstract illustrations perfectly complemented the live plants in the final displays and set the stage for a one-of-a-kind experience that once again put Syngenta Flowers ahead of the pack in providing the most memorable stop on the CAST tour.

Even the torrential downpours and flooding that pummeled the California Coast all the way through the first few days of the show couldn’t dampen the Flower Festival vibes.


The Waltz team ignites passion, pushes boundaries and delivers unmatched ingenuity.”

Fabian Cuevas

Global Digital Marketing Lead