Syngenta Flowers

Finding a New Spot in the Spectrum

When competitors go left, we go right - that's why the brands we create stand out from the crowd.

Our clients at Syngenta Flowers knew the branding for Spectra had to rise above the red and orange color palette that all of their competitors use to market impatiens. We looked across the color wheel and found inspiration on the blue and purple spectrum to make their interspecific New Guinea impatiens pop and developed a logo that highlights Spectra's versatility in sun or shade.

Now, Spectra is Blooming Brightly with a dynamic tagline and vibrant brand style.

spectra logo development option one
spectra logo development option two
spectra logo development three

We explored a range of logos and styles to help Spectra stand-out from the competition while still highlighting the product benefits of holding up to sun and shade conditions. From a blend-in red/orange color palette to an ultra-violet gradient effect, we wanted an identity that would be memorable. In the end, we decided to go with a more refined, classic typeface to celebrate the beauty of the New Guinea Impatiens.

spectra product images with branding
spectra branded tagline
spectra branded colors
spectra branded graphic elements
spectra reverse logo
spectra one color logo
spectra full sun logo
spectra product images

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