Together We Work - Photo of two people dancing together

It Takes Two to Tango…

Together We Work

Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. Tacos and Tuesdays. Some things are just better together.

At Waltz Creative, we believe our best work comes when we work collaboratively, both with our internal teams and with our clients. This focus on partnership and teamwork is the backbone of our mantra, Together We Work.

Not so long ago, this mantra would have made me chuckle and roll my eyes. Two years ago, I joined Waltz – a bit weary from 20 years of upper management teams making promises they didn’t deliver on and circumstances out of my control impacting my ability to deliver the product and service my clients deserved. Safe to say I was an “if you want something done right, do it yourself” kind of gal.

From day one, I saw that Waltz was something special. Founder Kathy Schipper fostered an incredible culture based on mutual respect and support, not big egos or excuses. I quickly realized that this foundation influences how everyone at Waltz comes to work, every day. Our clients see this too – it’s what leads them to continue to place their trust in us year after year.

The Waltz Way: putting our values into action

As a creative agency, we work with many different clients in a variety of ways. But the real magic happens when we partner with you as an extension of your internal team – the cookies to your milk, if you will.

When you partner with Waltz, we have the time and space to immerse ourselves in your business and culture. We become one of you. We listen to and learn from you but also draw from our experience in a wide variety of industries. The mutual trust and respect that develops allows both our team and yours to bring out the best in each other and achieve next-level results. Your success is our success – something we feel connected to and take pride in.

The perfect pairing…like wine and cheese

Our partnership with Syngenta Flowers North America is a perfect example of what can happen when two talented groups come together to do great work. The collaboration between our teams has resulted in truly incredible work that catapulted Syngenta ahead of the competition, and nothing makes our hearts sing more than that!

Other agencies did not have a customized approach to fit our model like Waltz Creative does. Waltz has become an invaluable part of our everyday working team. They have taken the time to learn our unique (and tricky) business, our multifaceted industry, and our layers of customers. From catalogs, web design, logos, advertising, graphic design and social media management, all the way to brand implementation and overarching marketing strategy, Waltz has helped us create a professional, updated look and a leading reputation that we are proud of. These guys are creative, fun, and have incredible attention to detail…all the things that help us break old habits and set new standards!”
Olivia Morgan
Customer Marketing Manager

It starts with us

Achieving this kind of success with clients like Syngenta is possible because of the incredible collaboration that takes place on our internal team.

Michelle Padron

Together We Work represents the dance: working and collaborating with clients, but also with each other. We all benefit from each other’s experience and expertise.”
Michelle Padron, Senior Graphic Designer

11 years with Waltz

The agency stereotypes you see online and on TV are not part of our reality – no egos, no divas, no cutthroat competition and no all-nighters here. The Waltz team is like a family (one that actually likes each other!) and the supportive, welcoming, team-oriented environment allows every member of the team to do their best work, every day.

Cheryl Lovejoy

I love our team. We are there to support and uplift each other, which only betters the end product.”
Cheryl Lovejoy, Senior Media Designer

8 years with Waltz

The synergy across the team is what makes us special. When you aren’t worried about competing with the person next to you, you can focus on the task at hand and achieve so much more together.

The whole really is greater than the sum of its parts

Jessica Willis

Each Waltz employee plays an important role, each has an unmatched skill set and expertise. We rely on each person coming to the table with their best ideas and relentless work ethic. Our team is stronger and more talented than ever. We lean into each challenge knowing the team is there to back us up. No fear, no time for complaints, just great work, together.”
Jessica Willis, Agency Account Coordinator

4 years with Waltz

At the end of the day, it’s all about collaboration.

Zack Shubkagel Rovella

Together We Work is about collaboration, but not just internally, with our clients too…so much of what we do is helping each other grow, evolve and improve.”
Zack Shubkagel Rovella, Creative Director

2 years with Waltz

For this recovering cynic, it’s a breath of fresh air and a mantra I can finally get behind – no eye rolls required.