Behind the Scenes at Yoom Video Shoot

Producing Videos in a Virtual, Remote World.

How to concept, direct and produce in a COVID-19 World.

With many people glued to their screens day in and day out, video content is king. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok enable anyone to broadcast to the masses. Virtual tools have enabled Schipper Design to produce and direct video and photography from afar. Leveraging collaborative virtual tools has allowed us to stay connected and “on set,” even from home offices. Here are some tips on how to pull off remote shoots.


Dream it Up in the Cloud

Storyboards and scripts lay the foundation for the production. We’ve found Google Docs/Slides or Miro allows us to outline the story, frame-by-frame, and solicit valuable client feedback. Once the script is approved, we can easily share it with our production partners.


Preparing for the shoot is one of the most important parts of the process. We had an East Coast client who wanted to shoot in North Carolina. We’ve never worked with anyone there! Having someone on the ground is invaluable, to help with location and talent scouting. We used Thumbtack to find local videographers/editors. The site allowed us to specify our needs, budget and timeline and allow professionals to bid and interview for the assignment.

Remote Creative Direction

Now that Zoom is part of our daily routine, it too can connect us remotely to creative direct and supervise. This doesn’t work as well for remote locations (outdoors, etc.) with weak wifi, but for studio or location shoots it’s a viable option. If your videographer is able to set up a strong connection, they can broadcast the shoot as needed or throughout the day using Zoom. This allows for both the creative partner and client to review and approve scenes, and make changes as inevitably happens on set. While not a perfect substitute for being in the same room and experiencing the environment, the light, the sounds- it’s working.

COVID Protocol

Preparing the shoot to keep all crew and talent safe from COVID is key! We recommend following your local or state COVID-19 guidelines for film production. If none exist, Film LA provides resources and guidance that you can use for testing, number of people on set, sanitation and more. We highly recommend asking your production partner to provide their COVID protocol, or if they don’t have it, supply them with a version of your own. Feel free to borrow our COVID-19 guidelines.  We’d also recommend having talent and crew sign the form to avoid any legal repercussions.


Post-production has never been easier. Our production partners share draft video using a paid Vimeo account, which allows our team to leave feedback using time stamps. This workflow is also great for getting wider feedback from clients to speed up the editing and review process.

Waltz Pandemic Productions

Yoom Tomato: This video spot was created for Syngenta Vegetable Seed to introduce a new exciting tomato called Yoom to growers in the US at the Virtual PMA Fresh Summit. Concepted and produced by Schipper, the videography and editing is by MagOne in Salinas, California.

RETeval- LKC is a leader in Electroretinography (ERG) and Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) diagnostic tools for ophthalmology. Used to meet customers and potential customers face-to-face at trade shows, their sales team needed an alternative. A sales video to demonstrate the RETeval and its benefits was the best choice. Schipper developed a storyboard and script to capture important messages and proof points. We then produced this video working across the continent to locate a videographer FireTower Media and coordinate with an Ophthalmologist, his technician and one of his patients to create this sales demo.

RhythMedix Website- Working with our strategic partner, Sprig Consulting we redesigned the RhythMedix website to launch their new wireless product RythmStar. The homepage features an embedded video with a quick demo, and a long-format video called Ray’s Story. Schipper assisted Sprig Consulting to concept and creative direct in collaboration with Roger Tully Productions.

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How we can help

  • Concept/Produce and Direct Video Content
  • Digitize collateral into interactive PDFs
  • Create virtual campaigns via e-blasts, webinars, etc.