Syngenta Cast 2019 Tradeshow

Syngenta’s California Spring Trials (CAST) 2019

Bright pops of color allow the flowers to steal the show.

This year at Syngenta Flowers’ California Spring Trials (CAST) event, we kept true to the Syngenta brand, allowing the flowers themselves to be the focal point of each display. Colorful flower stencils on white; sheer fabric with vibrant flowers beneath; white pillars holding neutral-tinted pots. Oh, and a little rock n’ roll.

With the desire to get back to basics and focus heavily on brands, the client requested various types of signage that would provide a consistent experience as visitors walked through the greenhouse – clean and white, highlighting each flower’s inherent beauty. They wanted a well-positioned space designed to complement each unique product offering.

During this week-long extravaganza, the flower breeders at Syngenta proudly unveiled their new and improved creations to the growers who cultivate plants for well-known stores like Walmart, Lowe’s, and The Home Depot. In this third year of designing clear, attractive signage for the event, we sought to emphasize the well-cultivated brands Syngenta has custom-built for many of their most popular plants. With cute names like Tophat, Ivy League, and Shortcake, each variety proved to have a flavor of its own.

At the main entrance, we developed wall-sized graphics to immediately make an impact on viewers, a visual representation of Syngenta’s core values using giant photos and colorful plexiglass overlays. Further in, the brand new Hot Blooded lantana caught attention with a mini, fully-playable drum set and suspended electric guitars to match.

From area to area, sunflowers to begonias, petunias to geraniums, bright pops of color accented the already gorgeous plants and led visitors through a tour of the rainbow, like Willy Wonka’s wonderland.

The true star of the show this year was XDR, featuring strains of hyper disease-resistant, super hardy vinca and impatiens that easily outlast the competition. Surrounded by red carpet ropes, our XDR video informed guests about the breeding breakthroughs Syngenta has made to keep their customers’ gardens lovely longer.

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