Syngenta Flowers

Let the good times bloom.

Every spring, flower breeders throughout California open their doors for the Fashion Week of flowers, California Spring Trials (CAST). Longtime Waltz client Syngenta Flowers in Gilroy is known for putting on the best show on the tour and with the much-anticipated, first fully in-person show since 2019, we had to knock it out of the park. The Waltz and Syngenta teams worked side-by-side for six months to create a CAST experience as beautiful and impressive as the breeding innovations on display.

  • Trade Show Displays
  • Environmental Design
  • Collateral
  • Catalogs
  • Apparel

CAST preparation begins months before the event. We collaborated with the Syngenta team to create a theme concept to highlight their most exciting new varieties for the upcoming year. The introduction of Zydeco Zinnia and Bandolista Lantana made for a perfect opportunity to be inspired by all things music and New Orleans. The verbal theme "Let the Good Times Bloom" was complemented by the visual look and feel that took inspiration from sound waves.

Event entry signage
Blue floor graphic that says "Welcome to California Spring Trails", and Name Tag Stickers
A sign that says T-Shirts with a bucket holding purple shirts below it; New Varieties Guide spiral bound catalog

This isn't your grandmother's tradeshow

The CAST experience began the moment visitors entered the parking lot. The meticulously groomed landscape was complemented by hanging baskets and potted plants filled with Syngenta's new varieties and best sellers. We designed greenhouse window clings and signage to accent the entry and introduce the theme before attendees came through the gate.

Upon entry, visitors received a custom-designed name tag/sticker sheet, t-shirts featuring new varieties, Zydeco Zinnia and Bandolista Lantana, and a spiral-bound New Varieties Guide for note taking. Custom floor graphics directed show-goers down the flower-lined pathways.

Pink umbrellas hang over walkway with green house in the backgrond; pink floor decal
Thinkplants flowers in green pots
Pond and plants growing near it with pink metallic ball feature; Plant tags
Thinkplants Poster with Tomato information; Tomato plant close up
Chalkboard sign with Mantra information

No detail is too small

From custom-branded plant tags and bench signs to hand-lettered chalk art drawn by Waltz Creative Systems Manager Kaysea Johnson, every detail of the show was thoughtfully planned.

We created mocktail/cocktail recipes to serve in custom-branded Zydeco wine glasses and Bandolista beer mugs and the Syngenta team accented the cafe area with potted plants and a vibrant living wall filled with their new Mantra Interspecific Geranium. The Mantra wall was perfectly complemented by hand-lettered chalkboards featuring Syngenta team members' personal mantras.

Chalkboard sign with Zydeco Zinger drink ingredients and Bandolist-Rita drink ingredients
Glass wine tumblers with Zydeco logo and Bandolista logos on them
Flowers on white pillars with a blue backdrop
Tradeshow photo with speaker in front of a touch screen and blue background; flowers surrounding guests

But wait, there's more!

Inside the greenhouse, the experience was every bit as impressive as the outdoor portion of the show. We designed two 24' x 8 ' displays that showcase Syngenta's core pillars while also covering a less-than-attractive closet near the entry doors.

The interior space was broken down into smaller, themed, and/or branded vignettes showcasing new varieties and best sellers. Large backdrops, posters, banners, creative props, and even a mini flower shop for the Cut Flowers program, created vibrant and informative settings for the real stars of the show, the flowers.

Black mock store front with glass windows and flowers staged in front. Windows have white shapes drawn on it.
Glass window with sign "Syngenta Flowers Shop" written in white; Printed Catalog of Cut Flowers
Close up of door with handle and sign that says "Open"; Packets of Cut Flower Additive
Hydrangea Plant and HiBreeding poster
Zydeco Plants in front of piano and photo backdrop
Person wearing purple shirt with Zydeco logo in white; Piano displaying Syngenta catalog on it
The floor at Syngenta CAST - flowers can be seen on displays, Sunflowers, Geraniums
Funhouse theme with flowers in hot air baloons; Callope and Spectra flowers
Board graphic with Begonia Vigor chart information

Waltz's unparalleled creativity combines with unwavering on-brand focus, in-house technical wizards and limitless creative thinking, producing results that leave me astounded.”

Fabian Cuevas

Global Digital Marketing Lead
Zydeco Plants in front of piano and photo backdrop
Floor graphics and displays with TopHat and XDR